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Farm Kaiseki

Farm Kaiseki

7000 yen(Tax included)


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Monday - Sunday - Public holidays - Holidays

A dish that uses plenty of seasonal vegetables served in a koji lid.A kaiseki meal where you can enjoy plenty of healthy vegetables grown using organic recycling farming methods.

Course menu

Prices and contents vary depending on the season.Please contact the store.

[Children's menu also available]

・Children's menu 1,500 yen (2 years old to lower grades of elementary school)

・Children's banquet 2,500 yen (elementary school upper grades)

・ Children's pottery grill 3000 yen (elementary school upper grades)

*A minimum of 2 people is required for hot pot dishes.

* Groups such as congratulatory and condolence dinners, year-end parties, and New Year parties are also welcome.

*Please call by 15:00 for same-day reservations.

2023/05/25 update